Sustainability: what does it even mean today?

Sustainability: what does it even mean today?

3rd December 2021


Sustainability is one of the most important ideas, and words, of our time. But as interest in the concept keeps growing, its meaning is becoming murkier, and harder to grasp: the word seems to mean very different things to companies, investors, shoppers, activists, institutions, and citizens.

In this webinar, we’ll be presenting our new report, based on over 5 million public conversations. It explores how the meaning of sustainability has evolved over time, the main topics and controversies surrounding it, and the audiences participating in this huge, far-ranging public conversation.


We will be joined by Jessica Marati Radparvar of Reconsidered, to discuss the study’s findings, and to try to capture the zeitgeist around this topic across industries for researchers and marketers, as well as for impact, ESG and CSR professionals.

Join us for our event on Dec 8 (15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET / 10:00 EST) in which we will tackle: 
  • How usage of “sustainability” has shifted over the past decade
  • The key moments in those shifts over the past few years
  • How the meaning of “sustainable” differs from “sustainability”
  • The main audiences participating in this conversation
  • The main industries involved in public conversation around sustainability

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