New on Pulsar: Spot the Heroes from the Villains with a Glimpse of the Screen

12th January 2017

Today on Pulsar CORE we are releasing a sleeker content dashboard, showcasing all the data you need in one advanced view.

Creativity can be used to solve problems that are not always in black and white, it’s what fuels the answers to questions that hang out in the grey area of life. Unfortunately, creativity can be like a small child trying to put out a fire using a fireman’s hose, one uncontrolled mess that was never aligned to fixing the problem at hand. Being able to analyse problems helps pave the way for creative thinking to follow and apply the correct solution.

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Best and Worst Performing Posts

At Pulsar we understand that being able to measure the performance of your owned posts and that of your competitors helps formulate the blueprint to planning your Content Strategy. The new content dashboard now brings all your social media posts into one convenient web page, giving you the opportunity to view which posts have the most or least engagement, the highest or lowest exposure or the biggest impact. So you can now easily answer questions like: What should it say and how should it look? Should I be pushing out content with videos or pictures? What do I repeat, refine or completely ditch?

This view gives you the power to read between the lines and find audience insights as if you were reading a comic book that clearly defines the good guys from the bad, allowing you to discover what resonates with your target audience and what doesn’t, improving your content and over time helping you with your ROI. And as if that wasn't already enough, we've also enabled tagging in this view. So you can now group your posts into relevant categories, making content curation easier and faster.

CORE New Content Tagging


View All Posts

To give you better tools to explore your content we’ve also added a new ‘view all’ posts section, split by outgoing posts and replies. To those of you familiar with TRAC results view, that's kind of where we were going with this. In this section you can now easily filter by day or sort your content in any order: newer to older, by engagements, visibility, impressions or engagement rate. You can also bulk tag your posts, expand to view media, and export your posts to an excel. 

CORE New View All Posts


Key Metrics

And finally, we have also added a new stats graph, which is now exportable AND filterable, giving you an holistic measure of the best performing metrics, whether it’s your daily engagement rate or the impact your content generates over a certain period. You can also toggle on or off the metrics you want to see, as shown in the gif below.


New Stats





These features are available on Pulsar today. Want to know more? Book a demo today by emailing [email protected]om. Or if you are already working with us, just contact your account manager for more information.