The Visual DNA of Car Brands: Pulsar presents at IIeX North America

8th June 2016

Our VP of Product , Francesco D'Orazio (@abc3d) is heading to Atlanta next week for the IIEX North America conference. Francesco will share insights on the automotive industry in his presentation 'The Visual DNA of Car Brands in Social Media' on Monday 13 June.

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Images have come a long way since Kodak democratised photography at the end of the 19th Century. Now with their digitalization, the ubiquity of smartphones and the ‘visualization’ of social media, images are shaping our culture more than ever.

However, there is still a very limited understanding of the visual dynamics of social media and the image analysis toolbox is still largely dependent on text mining and qualitative approaches. The new availability of large bodies of images questions the fitness of qualitative methods and demands approaches that are scalable such as pattern recognition and deep learning.

Whilst exploring the opportunities and challenges of visual social media research, the talk will look specifically at how car brands are discussed on Instagram, how brand values are translated into visual imagery and whether consumer images reflect or distort the identity of a brand so carefully planned and communicated.

You will find Francesco talking about 'The Visual DNA of Car Brands in Social Media' on Monday 13 June in Conference Four, 3:20pm - 3:40pm.

Alongside this, Fran will also appear on a series of three roundtables called 'Unlocking Facebook Topic Data', which will discuss the type of insights we can pull from anonymised & aggregated Facebook Topic Data.

The roundtables will take place in the Grand Ballroom on Tuesday 14 June, 12:00pm - 2:00pm. Make sure to sign up for this as places are limited.

If you want to get involved with IIEX North America there is still time to register, just click here. Can't make it? You can download Dashboard our automotive insights magazine here.