Introducing Modules: Artificial Intelligence On Demand on Pulsar

16th June 2016

Back in December 2015 we launched Pulsar Vision, a deep learning solution to help you make sense of images in social media.

We launched Pulsar Vision as a pilot to see how you would use it and which use cases were the most popular.

Soon we realised that there were a lot of other smart things we could do with the data other than *just* mining images. But we also realised that you don’t need to be doing them together at all times.

So, we thought it would be a good idea to give you control over the type of advanced analysis you can perform on the data, by letting you switch it on and off according to the dataset being analysed.

This is why we designed Pulsar as a modular hub, connecting the best data science tools and solutions available at any given time.


And today we're launching Modules, the new feature available at Search Setup that allows you to switch on and off specific artificial intelligence modules, on demand, and use them on any dataset you need to analyse, according to your specific use case.

Modules is currently offering three types of advanced analysis. For each active Search on Pulsar, you can now switch on one of the following modules:

1)  Image Tagging
2)  Emotion Analysis
3)  Image Text Extraction

Image Tagging allows you to analyse images in great depth. Where basic image analysis focuses on logo detection and pattern recognition, Pulsar uses deep learning to recognise the subject of an image. You can read more about it here.

Emotion Analysis gives you a much more granular measurement than sentiment, breaking it down by emotion. Where basic sentiment analysis only gives you negative, neutral or positive indication, emotion analysis allows you to filter your results on joy, anger, disgust, sadness and fear. Currently emotion analysis is only available for the English language, but we plan to add more languages soon.


Image Text Extraction, finally, allows you to read the text included in any image and will make that text searchable when you’re querying your dataset. As people continue to use more images to express themselves online (we share a whopping 4 billion images a day on social media), we thought it was pretty crucial for you to be able to really read and search memes!

giphy (11)

A few things to bear in mind:

a) Modules is now available as a pilot for all Pulsar users
b) To switch on any of the above modules you’ll have to do so at Search Setup
c) During the pilot phase you will be able to switch on one of the modules at a time