New Pulsar Feature: Audience demographics dashboard

25th September 2015

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Pulsar's Audience dashboard today, live in the Pulsar platform.

Alongside Topics, Keywords, Clusters, Influencers, Content and Location, this new dashboard will present audience demographics in straight to the point, bite-sized visualisations.

This means you can now delver deeper into your dataset and not only explore the content, but also the people producing it, providing a holistic view of your data.

Pulsar audience dashboard demographics

Audience dashboard broken down

Firstly, the dashboard allows you to see how many  unique users the search pulls back, presented as a percentage of the total messages, and a separate full count.

The Audience data is automatically organised by gender, which is visualised as male and female shaped icons - with the size of the icons representing the share of conversation each gender has driven. Gender comparisons can be insightul and surprising for understanding audiences - for example, in the automotive dataset above, more women are talking about cars than men, even though this industry is renowned for being male-dominated.

Gender is then broken down into age groups. The graph allows us to analyse how topics of conversation translate across many age groups, whilst highlighting any correlations when compared to gender. For example, most would assume conversations around X Factor are likely to occur in 16-24 year-old women. With this audience graph you be able to see whether there is any truth to this theory.

Identifying your data by country is crucial to fully understanding any audience. A key example of this is Facebook's August Hot Topics: the main areas of conversations in the US were around Donald Trump and Kanye West. Whereas in the UK, discussions were focused on the death of Cilla Black and George Cole. The Audience dashboard provides a breakdown of countries by percentage, which is followed by a pie chart revealing the languages the topic is spoken in.

The first wave of release will include insight from Facebook topic data searches. This is to be followed by the integration of other platforms and data sources in the near future.


If you're interested in exploring Pulsar's new Audience dashboard and would like a demo, please send us an email to: [email protected].