#IPASocialWorks: The Guide to Measuring Not Counting

3rd February 2015

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We were invited to the #IPASocialWorks launch this week and so we thought we'd share a quick round-up of what this study is about.

"The IPA, The Marketing Society and MRS have joined together to launch a cross-industry initiative - the first of its kind. #IPASocialWorks, with sponsorship from Facebook and Twitter, is an ongoing project to identify best practice in social media effectiveness and measurement."

#IPASoicalWorks highlights the best approach to gain in-depth insight from data from social media channels.

The 7 key messages that have emerged from the project so far are ones we wholeheartedly agree with:

  1. Social is more than marcomms and is challenging organisations
  2. Social is changing the way we measure – its evaluation is more than a dashboard
  3. Avoid a siloed approach to social measurement
  4. It is easy to overestimate the value of earned media and influencers
  5. The commercial value of social will increasingly lie in the richness of its data.
  6. Social can learn from traditional planning.
  7. Even short-term results need a long-term context

To help practitioners put this into action, the guide draws on case studies to illustrate how this has been done most effectively. We've got one in the guide about our 5 years of work with O2 / Telefonica, demonstrating how social media listening can really be integrated deep into business intelligence and decision-making.

Stephan Maher, chairman of #IPASocialWorks and chairman of The Marketing Society said: "This guide can act as a vital tool for businesses concerned with measuring the impact of their activity in this area, and ultimately its effect on revenue.”

Get the guide

Check out their preview IPASocialWorks flyer here.
Or download the short version of the guide for £25: IPA SOCIALWORKS SHORTGUIDE.

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