About us

Pulsar is an audience intelligence company. We help organizations understand their audiences and create messages that matter to them, by combining conversational and behavioral data from the world’s leading digital sources, with vertical AI, and smart human minds. 

The pulsar Timeline
  1. From insightful beginnings

    The Social Insights practice at innovation consultancy Face is born. The idea is to scale up co-design methodologies to involve thousands of people in the innovation process by leveraging the power of social data

  2. We need tools!

    At the time most social listening tools are designed for simple analytics tasks, not audience insights. So we start building our own tools to get the job done

  3. I’ll have what she’s having

    Some of our clients want to look under the hood. That’s when Telefonica’s O2 commissions us a new breed of social insight platform. Seven months later the alpha of RTO2 (Real-Time O2) is born!

  4. Something’s up…

    Tesco conducts a market-wide review of social insights tools, selects RTO2 as the most advanced platform for social insights and subscribes to a white labeled version of the product. More clients want to get their hands on it, something’s definitely happening…

  5. The time has come

    It’s 11pm of the 23rd of December, the London office is extremely quiet, a couple of people are still at work and they’re about to press the deploy button: it’s time to go live with the first version of the Pulsar platform!

  6. That’s it, we’re doing it

    Pulsar goes GA, with its own platform, brand and website

  7. Getting popular

    As co-founder Fran put it: ‘if we get to 50 clients I’ll be really impressed’. In 2013 we smashed through that target in 6 months with a sales team of 1 and began aggressive growth

  8. It’s getting hot in here

    Our team is now 30 people strong and our housemates at Face are feeling the heat. We are taking over...

  9. Partnering up!

    Facebook recognises all the great work we’re doing in social data research and selects Pulsar to become one of the first Audience Insights Partners

  10. Time to cross the Atlantic

    It’s time to branch out: we open our NYC and very first international office to begin sharing Pulsar with the wider world

  11. Silicon Roundabout 

    As we keep growing it’s time to find a new home: the Silicon Roundabout days begin with a new swanky Shoreditch office, just a stone’s throw from the Shoreditch House pool

  12. Stronger together

    We merge with our sister company Face to bring the best of audience insights SaaS and Consultancy under one roof

  13. It's time for a new look

    Total makeover with new branding and streamlined UX: audience insights is not just for researchers anymore, it belongs amongst disruptive creatives and strategists who are looking for the next big idea

  14. Aiming for the stars

    We move beyond social to become the first platform to bring all the digital signals from an audience in one place.

  15. We have a new home! Pulsar joins the Access Intelligence Group to create an end-to-end marketing solution.

Our culture

With a history as a research company, we are driven by a desire to understand culture, and the people within it. 

The Pulsar culture has grown by creating a working environment where respect for other people and their ideas is paramount. Now part of the Access Intelligence group, Pulsar aims to build a team from a diversity of backgrounds with a huge range of experiences has created a place where ideas can flourish and new problems are solved every day with a genuine spirit of collaboration.

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Our senior team

Francesco D’Orazio
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
Linda Maruta
Head of Product
Sam Deacon
VP Enterprise
Davide Berretta
VP Marketing
Sophie Baker
Head of Agency Sales
Amy Stratton
Head of US Client Partnerships