Segmentation & Audience Personas

Discover what you didn’t know about your audience personas.


Gauge information you never knew about your audience to execute the strongest persona marketing campaigns against your objectives.


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Segment your audience by what connects them, their interests, their demographics and socioeconomic status, and their digital behaviours. Enhance your marketing strategy, moving from a traditional buyer personas tool into dynamic audience segments.

Draw your audience personas into one tool: from Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to search, first party data, and sources like Amazon, TikTok and Sermo.


Industry and use-case specific AI to surface bottom-up audience insights from both text and visual data.


Profile the audience personas behind each conversation using interests, affinities, personality traits and buying habits.


Segment your audiences by affinity to better predict behavior

Drill down into your audiences, and get a granular understanding of your key buyer personas and what drives them

Recreate your audience personas

Draw insights from social and beyond to map out and size new audience personas.

Optimize - or pivot - your campaigns based on real-time insights

Customize your target personas research with powerful filtering tools, leveraging more than 100 variables