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Your audience is online, in the billions: but how do you separate the signal from the noise?


Pulsar empowers your audience data, creating valuable audience analysis reports and uncovering game-changing insights to drive marketing campaigns.


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Pulsar is the only software on the market offering both social listening and audience analysis in one tool.


Spot patterns and opportunities in behavioral and conversation data with industry-specific vertical AI on our audience analytics tool. Then use those analysis to create campaigns that resonate and drive your marketing, product and audience content strategy forward.

All your target audience research signals in one tool: from Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to search, first party data, and sources like Amazon, TikTok and Sermo.


Industry and use-case specific AI to surface bottom-up audience analytics from both text and visual data.


Implement target audience analytics behind each conversation using interests, affinities, personality traits and buying habits.


Segment your audiences by affinity to better predict behavior


Profile your audiences through audience analysis. You can profile the audience that talks about a specific topic, shares specific content, or the audience that follows certain accounts.

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Recreate your audience personas


Listen to them on social, in real-time and historically on our audience analysis tool.

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Optimize – or pivot – your campaigns based on real-time insights


Speed up your target audience analysis with fast, granular audience and insights report from text and visual data.

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