View social media trends globally and locally

Your audience is not a monolith.


Visualize how social media trends spread, and track how the conversation evolves with our social listening tool.


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Pulsar is the only software on the market offering both social listening and audience segmentation in one tool.


Track social media trends & topics as they heat up and cool off in real-time, and see how the conversation spreads. Monitor how social trends develop for any topic, over 12 years of social media history


Integrate social media trends, search, and web analytics data with sources like Amazon, TikTok and the doctors social network Sermo.


Leverage a wide range of industries and use case-specific AI to get industry trends on social media faster from your data.


Segment the audience through demographics and behavioral signals, then use those communities to filter the conversation.

Apply audience intelligence to your listening


Align your campaign creative insights with your target audience’s language and behavior to personalize your social media trends marketing

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Segment your audiences by affinity to better predict behavior


Speed up your analysis of upcoming social media trends with fast, granular audience insights from text and visual data on Pulsar’s social listening tool

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All your digital audiences in one place


Avoid blind spots, with a 360° view of your the online communities in you audience across channels and markets, from Instagram to TikTok and Amazon

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Join the organisations going beyond traditional social listening and media monitoring