Vodafone: understanding customer needs around the Internet of Things (IoT)

Vodafone’s audience for their communications around the Internet of Things (IoT) had initially been targeted at purchasers of their IoT solutions. However, in this project, we discover that is not the community talking about IoT online and driving a shift in the uptake of IoT services. In actual fact, the audience engaged in the conversation online are mostly technologists (and the users of IoT solutions), and not those purchasing, as assumed. Read on to see the results.

Vodafone are continuing to innovate into new fields, this time by creating IoT products for industries such as infrastructure, manufacturing, automotive, retail and finance, among others.

To ensure their solutions cater to the needs of their B2B customers, they wanted to develop a stronger understanding about their needs around the IoT, in order to create a strong communications strategy. The areas they wanted to explore were understanding who are their audience in the IoT space, what they need within the IoT space and how can Vodafone support them.To answer these questions and more, Vodafone approached Pulsar, as a partner with expertise in audience intelligence and social data.

Following the research, Pulsar have developed strategic insight areas based on the current needs of the audience within the Internet of Things conversation. Crucially, to make the insights actionable to the team at Vodafone, Pulsar have created a needs framework which ties insight to action, and scaled the conversation to help prioritise the needs it contains to support the creation of a strong comms strategy.

Download the case study to understand how we reached these insights, including:

  • Uncovering a scaled understanding of the entire B2B IoT conversation to outline overarching cross-industry needs
  • Deep diving into specific industries to uncover needs common to each industry
  • Reviewing the influencers within the conversation, for Vodafone to leverage within comms strategies
  • Breaking down the share of voice within the conversation, between Vodafone and their competitors

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