Using Communities to develop brand communications narratives

22nd January 2021


It’s more important than ever for brands to power their comms strategies with purpose-driven narratives. And, if they are to interact meaningfully and empathetically, then a deep, textured understanding of how each community engages with key topic becomes crucial.

Michael White and Livia Movilescu, of global strategic communications firm Kekst CNC, joined us to discuss three different case studies where they used Pulsar Communities to surface insights around the priority areas of Sustainability, Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI), and Health.

Elsewhere, Communities has also helped provide insights into:

🎗️Who gives on Giving Tuesday

🥛 The Alternative Milks trend

🎮 The shifting gaming audience

📺 Netflix’s impact on wider culture

“We’re lucky,” Says Michael.”To have a long relationship with Pulsar. I’ve been using it for six years.”

And, in that time, the tools analytical capabilities have helped shape messaging around a number of different topics – in some cases of very high sensitivity. 

Complete the form below to discover how Kekst use Communities to:

  • Track public topic of conversations in the areas of Sustainability, Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI), and Health.
  • Break down an audience into communities of interest, and understand how each community talks about the same topic differently 
  • Give recommendations to brands on how to position themselves in relation to highly sensitive topics