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Webinar: using audience insights to stand out from the crowd

24th October – 3:30pm BST/10:30am EST  How do you prepare for your industry’s biggest day...

On-demand webinar: how to use AI & social listening to create a bullet-proof pitch

We hosted a lunch & learn workshop and recorded it at our offices in...

On-demand webinar: the rise of CBD as seen through social data

We recently ran a webinar featuring a (non-psychoactive) guide to social trends measurement. In...

On-demand webinar: discovery of a new ice cream flavor – research for product development

We recently ran a webinar to demonstrate how the journey of a new ice...

On-demand webinar: Generation Z and the ironic truths of meme culture

We recently ran a webinar on meme culture and how memes animated reaction GIFs...

On-demand webinar: using social data for insightful content creation

We recently ran a webinar taking you through how to use social data for...

On-demand webinar: what marketers can learn from billion dollar companies

In December we ran a webinar detailing techniques and methodologies where social data has...

On-demand webinar: bullet-proofing your new business pitch with data-driven insights

Putting together the right pitch to win new business can be like mixing up the ingredients...