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A framework to identify the purrfect influencer for marketing on Instagram: through the eyes of ‘cat-fluencers’

People’s loyalty to large influencer accounts on social media can wax and wane, but...
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How to spot and measure social trends: a (non-psychoactive) guide to the rise of CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) is a rising trend in the US across several lifestyle areas, from...
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The New Social Currency: a report on the mainstream rise of cryptocurrency through the lens of social data

As we move through 2018, the aggregate value of cryptocurrency – digital currencies issued...
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Twitter Passion Networks – How interests shape audiences

What are Twitter passion networks? Targeting audiences by passions has proven to be a...
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Creative Insights: How agencies are using social data to drive creative strategy, aka the jobs to be done

Today we understand audiences a lot better than we did ten years ago, but...
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3 ways global brands embraced politics to engage audiences

How are global brands using politics in their branding? For this retail industry report,...
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Content for a captive audience: understanding the mindsets of the airport traveller

Air travel, particularly in the United States, gets a pretty bad rap. Whether it’s...
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How Stuff Spreads | How Video Goes Viral pt. 2: the role of audience networks

In the first part of this series we identified seven dimensions that describe and...