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Case Studies

Talking the same language: how Foco used social data to examine mental health

One challenge presented by studying social data is that the volumes can be so...
Case Studies

Four ways to use insights for policy and communications: Advanced audience intelligence for government

The ways people discuss politics are constantly evolving as technology creates an entirely new...
Case Studies

Five steps to optimizing the lifespan of a story: Advanced audience intelligence for the media industry

Your digital audiences evolve over time as stories ebb and flow, public interest shifts,...
Case Studies

Six steps to gaming release strategy: Advanced audience intelligence for the gaming industry

In the gaming business, your audiences evolve over time, challenging marketing and design to...
Case Studies

Insights framework for a film lifespan: advanced audience intelligence for the film and entertainment industry

In the entertainment business, your audiences evolve over time as streaming creates a new...
Case Studies

Feeding into your wider strategy: Advanced audience intelligence and insights for the education sector

Pulsar can help you navigate the complex interplay of needs ranging from recruitment to...
Case Studies

Vodafone: understanding customer needs around the Internet of Things (IoT)

Vodafone’s audience for their communications around the Internet of Things (IoT) had initially been...
Case Studies

March Adsanity: how brands can leverage live events through social media

Adsanity: when March Madness meets advertising. Another year of March Madness is upon us, which...