Social Listening for Account-Based Marketing (ABM)


Over the past few years, interest in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has seen enormous growth. Ideas from ABM –according to which certain accounts are whole markets unto themselves– inform so many different aspects of “traditional” marketing that they have all but infiltrated the B2B marketer’s playbook.

Marketers today find themselves increasingly under pressure to deliver data-driven strategies, rather than relying on their ‘gut’ instincts. The ABM approach, by focusing on just a handful of top prospects, offers the possibility to blend precise data with prior customer knowledge and sophisticated audience and social listening techniques


In this strategic white paper, prepared in partnership with our friends and power Pulsar users at B2B sales and marketing agency McDonald Butler, we cover an approach blending social listening and ABM practices, which we call Account-Based-Listening. 

Here is what we will be covering: 

  • Why Account-Based Marketing and social listening work so well together 
  • How to use social media, search data, and audience analysis and to inform your ABM goals 
  • How a global IT company used Account-Based-Listening to power a campaign to generate sales pipeline and reposition their brand

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