Social listening for content strategy: Plusnet and Search Laboratory

More and more, social listening is being used for content strategy: namely, to spot interesting trends which will get attention (and shares) online. Pulsar client Search Laboratory, an SEO and digital marketing agency, were tasked with creating interesting, shareable content for their own client, UK internet service provider Plusnet.

Ahead of #WorldEmojiDay (July 17) Search Laboratory worked with Pulsar to research emoji usage across social media.

Why emoji? They’re fast becoming a second, parallel language online, and this analysis would help Plusnet demonstrate expertise about about online behavior and communication today, a topic that is near and dear to their business.

Our researchers cross-references a list of celebrities (from Taylor Swift to Donald Trump) with a list of the 100 most popular emojis, scanned 6 months and 4,440,000 posts with our social listening tool Pulsar TRAC, in order to understand which emojis were most associated with celebrity.

Download the case study below to discover what they found:

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