On-demand webinar: what marketers can learn from billion dollar companies

In December we ran a webinar detailing techniques and methodologies where social data has successfully optimized campaigns run by some of our largest customers, and discussed how these can be applied by any marketer – even if you don’t have the budget of a billion-dollar brand.

If you missed the webinar, the video is available to watch below – a few key takeaways included:


Go beyond listening to your audience. Understand them

Just knowing your demographic is no longer good enough. Before putting your creative advertisement or marketing campaign together, look to speak the same language as your audience. We looked at the sponsorship of the British Lions rugby team to find the due diligence you should do before every campaign, using social listening and audience intelligence platforms to really understand your audience, what they’re talking about and what’s important to them.


Don’t preach to your audience. Join the conversation

Once you’ve understood the language of your audience, look to join the conversation instead of speaking at them. We detailed how to analyze and gain insights from social data by looking at our work with the Great British Bake Off’s sponsors, to show how to join the conversation as it happens and organically position your brand with the audience, rather than marketing at them when they’re not looking to engage.


Understand your success by using social data to prove ROI

When it comes to PR and OOH advertising and marketing, it becomes quite difficult to measure ROI. Utilizing Audience Intelligence platforms allows you to measure your brand reach and the sentiment that goes with it in real time; which in turn helps you to measure your campaigns and ROI more accurately. We looked at how a leading car brand’s always-on listening makes reports quick and easy.


Check out rest of the invaluable lessons we learned from this webinar by signing up to watch it now on-demand:

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