On-demand webinar: use social data for bullet-proof marketing campaigns

We recently ran a webinar taking you through how to set up and use social data for bullet-proof marketing. Finding insights in social media can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but using some of the techniques detailed – and a sleek sneaker-based case study – we showed how you can create a funnel to get the general and the specific insights that you need to inform your next campaign strategy.

If you missed the webinar, the video is available to watch below – a few key takeaways included:

  • Searching social data for generic terms and hoping that it will answer your questions can be like finding a needle in a haystack. If you have a hypotheses to prove or disprove then you greatly increase your chance of success. You can always filter for more specific areas of interest once you pull the data that pertains to the search you’re mining.
  • Search for terms that will pull in the real conversations that you expect to see. You’re looking to answer specific questions, it is not a general Google search for information. Remember that you’re searching through more casual language, and narrow your search terms. To pull out an insight, understand what is happening in conversations around particular keywords and compare that to conversations from a particular audience to see differences.
  • Starting a search for sneakers, we uncovered a campaign between Tyler the Creator and Converse. Seeing Tyler the Creator, a popular musician and influential juggernaut in 50% of the most engaged-with content when filtering by the keyword ‘converse’, we examined his most recent collaboration with Converse which is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated releases of the year, a true example of bullet-proof marketing

Check out rest of the invaluable lessons we learned from this webinar on bullet-proof marketing by signing up to watch it now on-demand:

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