On-demand webinar: discovery of a new ice cream flavor – research for product development

We recently ran a webinar to demonstrate how the journey of a new ice cream flavor takes shape; how new flavors can be born through research and how consumer insights gained from social data influence the introduction of these new flavors. We took those in attendance on an insights journey to discover how an ice cream brand could come up with a new flavor of ice cream through consumer insights gained from social data. 

This is a classic use case of how brands can utilize social data to conduct research for product development and identify a clear demographic when it comes marketing the new product in new territories.

Sound interesting? Don’t worry, it’s available to watch on-demand below. Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Using social data in research for product development
  • How products and marketing campaigns can find new territories from learning about target audiences
  • What are the key moments to engage this new audience 
  • How to speak with a new demographic to break through the noise

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