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Webinar: using audience insights to stand out from the crowd

24th October – 3:30pm BST/10:30am EST  How do you prepare for your industry’s biggest day...
Education & Government

The Clearing Report: which universities were most supportive to their prospective students?

Clearing is a confusing time for students and universities alike. Using our expertise in...
Education & Government

Talking the same language: how Foco used social data to examine mental health

One challenge presented by studying social data is that the volumes can be so...
Education & Government

Twitter Passion Networks – How interests shape audiences

What are Twitter passion networks? Targeting audiences by passions has proven to be a...
Education & Government

Four ways to use insights for policy and communications: Advanced audience intelligence for government

The ways people discuss politics are constantly evolving as technology creates an entirely new...
Education & Government

Feeding into your wider strategy: Advanced audience intelligence and insights for the education sector

Pulsar can help you navigate the complex interplay of needs ranging from recruitment to...