How Raconteur used Pulsar to understand and create highly relevant content for a CFO target audience

Content agency Raconteur specialise in creating high-quality business content for the C-suite. Pulsar helps them to cut through the noise and informs on how best to grab the attention of this notoriously time-poor demographic.

By using Pulsar to listen to their target audiences, they can gauge emotions, interests and fears and create content which will resonate with those leading business today. Incorporating Pulsar into their bullet-proof workflow helps at all stages of the process – from content planning and creation to post-publication amplification.

Their recent CFO report demonstrates just how effective this strategy can be. This case study will explore the funnel process Raconteur created to narrow down the topics to cover in their report. It will examine how they caught CFOs’ attention with skillfully-worded ads in the amplification stage. Most importantly, it will show how Raconteur used Pulsar to run a highly successful campaign, hitting targets and understanding a complicated audience in greater depth.

The challenge

How to use social media data and topic filters to understand a specific audience group and the subjects which interest or worry them. Delving deeper into this to find compelling areas for discussion within these themes in order to create B2B content that appeals to this audience.

The solution

Using a funnel methodology to extract data from a Pulsar search

To begin, a CFO audience was created. This was achieved by first using Raconteur’s B2B Master search to find relevant topics across Raconteur’s content areas, and by identifying new topics using Pulsar TRENDS.

Raconteur then pulled out business-related terms – those which the team knew were relevant from their expertise in the B2B sphere – which CFOs were discussing. These included ‘business ethics’, ‘stakeholder management’, ‘fintech’ and ‘big data’ and were added to a list of specific content topic ideas the team had, such as ‘artificial intelligence’.

Filtering these results with bio keywords for CFOs, they found 200 CFOs talking about the topics they were interested in.

Read on to understand how Raconteur used the data from their CFO audience panel to create highly relevant content for this audience, and how it was shared in a way they knew would appeal

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