How News Stories Unfold: the Activision Blizzard Lawsuit & Scandal


How does breaking news spread and become part of the news cycle? And how do traditional media, communities and influential individual social media, and forums interact with each other in propelling a news story into the mainstream?

This analysis was aimed at trying to understand the dynamics of a viral news story by looking at how news about the Activision Blizzard lawsuit in July 2021 spread.

The lawsuit, brought against Activision by the State of California, alleges that the company enabled a “frat boy” culture, marked by misogynistic practices that included unequal pay for women, sexual harassment and retaliation. 

Topics within Activision Blizzard conversation

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  • The influential voices who helped spread the story, using network analysis 
  • The audience segments that participate in the conversation, and how their priorities differ to one another
  • Which trends we can identify among the most commonly-used emojis and user bios within the conversation


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