How charities can use social data to persuade audiences and drive behavioural change


In order to effect genuine change, it’s vital for charities to attract new supporters. 

Pulsar works with charities across the world, on a broad span of issues that include poverty relief, affordable housing and environmental protection. Explore our insights surrounding the sector, or take a deep dive into our work with Shelter Social Media Lead Becky Brynolf .

Using social data, Pulsar have devised a six step methodology that empowers marketing, insights and planning teams to segment charity audiences by outlook and personality, and target these with messaging that drives advocacy and donations. 

  • Who are those opposed to your cause?
  • What’s the root of their opposition?
  • Most importantly, who among them can be convinced to change their mind?

Download our two pager below to discover how this data backed method can guide everything from donor segmentation to increased audience engagement. 

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