Energy prices: a new era in the energy consumer conversation


For decades energy has been something the public has almost entirely taken for granted: many sources were for the most part relatively cheap and, while some were aware of the harm to the environment, that was rarely a primary concern.

Now we’re entering a new era of consumer behavior, awareness, and choice relating to energy. 

This new era has ushered in greater awareness of where energy comes from, of what actions the consumer can take on their side, and of the perils that result from nations and communities simply not having enough to live.Alluvial of appliances

The insights within this report were generated using Pulsar TRAC, which enabled us to analyze over 1.7 million individual data points drawn from Twitter, Reddit, Sermo, Tumblr, YouTube, VK, Naver, Amazon Reviews, Trustpilot, Google Search, news, blogs and forums.

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Download this report to access energy consumer insights, including:

  • How the public associates the crisis with everything from buildings, to appliances, to modes of expression
  • The brands and energy sources top of mind amongst consumers 
  • Which audiences and communities are engaging with the topic online, and where they go to converse and source information.

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