Finding beauty in social data: 2019 beauty trends, market research & analysis

What beauty trends are going to dominate 2019? We have a few ideas. 

Our VP of US strategy & research Marc Geffen took a deep dive into 20 beauty trends that are heating up or cooling down going into 2019, backing them up with data to help inform your beauty industry market research and marketing decisions. 

beauty trends 2019 market research

Here are a few bite-sized 2019 beauty insights you’ll find in the deck:

  • CBD and Cica Balm are the hottest trends we measured; Gua Sha is also on the rise
  • Vegan beauty attracts the highest overall buzz volume and has grown steadily year-over year
  • Lilac hair interest exhibits ‘streaky’ growth; different from a steady trend
  • Among the CBD + Beauty audience, a large segment is made up by a strong Gen Z teen contingent

Download the full report below. 

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