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US Primary Index: Biden finally wins over online audiences, but COVID-19 looms 🇺🇸


Bernie Sanders sees explosive growth, pulls ahead of the pack in our Primary Index 🇺🇸

On his own, Sanders drove a larger volume of online conversation than the next two candidates combined

US Primary Index: Warren surges, but it’s still Bernie’s race 🇺🇸

Ahead of the Nevada Caucuses, a possible turning point for Elizabeth Warren's campaign

Introducing Pulsar’s Social Primary Index 🇺🇸

Pete Buttigieg is going viral ahead of New Hampshire primary

Introducing the Pulsar / 89up Social Election Tracker

How the public is engaging with issues & candidates in the UK general election

One of the biggest marketing campaigns this year was a fight

“From the United Kingdom”…to a global audience?

Flightshame: another Swedish trend in the climate conversation

Climate-related trends seem to start in Sweden, then spread everywhere else.

On Russian VK, the Ukraine whistleblower scandal has played out very differently

Russia's largest social network reacted to the scandal very differently than Twitter

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