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US Higher Education: the impact of a tumultuous year on Ivy League brands

We measured the Social Brand Personality of Harvard, Columbia & Princeton

The Most Influential TikTok Collab Houses

Ranking TikTok Collab Houses by views & visibility

Revisiting The Public Emotions Framework

The latest on how we're feeling, collectively

What’s the world saying about the economy?

The conversation around finances, and how it's evolved.

How the audience for Call of Duty & Animal Crossing grew during lockdown

What makes a game popular in 2020?

Glimpsing the Metaverse: Gaming, Community, and Productivity in the New Normal

Where gaming goes, the world is following

How Substack took over newsletters

The newsletter platform makes it easy for writers to build up their audiences

Brexit’s Disappearance from the News Cycle

A timeline of how the UK's burning political issue vanished from online conversation

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