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Can we see burnout online?

People like to talk about it, but do the symptoms show on social media?

How big is the spoiler conversation?

With the Game of Thrones saga finally coming to an end this Sunday, the online conversation about spoilers is reaching fever pitch.

The audience conversation for TV shows: drops vs. weekly releases

TV shows released all in one 'drop' create a different 'shape' of the audience conversation compared to shows going out weekly.

Social audience development: the newspaper edition

What news content works on social media for the global English-speaking audience?

How politics took over the DNA test conversation

Different communities talk about DNA kits very differently

The war seemed over: here are the least used emojis

How forgotten emoji found their supporters by being last

Finding the right influencers: the audience-first strategy

Untangling influencer marketing

How petitions go viral

Network cohesiveness + article 50 = 6m signatures in a few weeks

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