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The Cultural Influence of a TikTok Virtual Influencer: FN Meka

The maker of absurd cultural and brand remixes like the AirPod shotty

#CancelNetflix: The communities leading the boycott

How conservative communities stoked the culture wars over a French movie

The Most Influential TikTok Collab Houses

Ranking TikTok Collab Houses by views & visibility

How Substack took over newsletters

The newsletter platform makes it easy for writers to build up their audiences

The very tangible rise of the virtual background

Hiding messy closets, and adding some fun to those hours spent on Zoom #NewNormal

Google Analytics launches on Pulsar CORE

Connect the dots between what your audience says, thinks, and does

A brief history of Computer Vision and AI Image Recognition

AI is already here, and it’s helping machines “see”

How “stories” took over social networks

After 10 years, the feed finally has serious competition

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