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Vegan Leather Alternatives are in: but do consumers see them as sustainable?

From Mushroom to PVC to Apple

How Skindie Brands came to define 2021’s brow makeup trends

Self-expression and distinctive styles the key priorities for consumers

The audiences bringing NFTs into the Mainstream

NFTs are now a bigger topic than 'crypto': but who's talking about them?

Giving Tuesday: How a charity hashtag turned into a global movement

An evolution in both audience composition and network effects

The Giving Revolution: How behavior around generosity was rewired

Appeals and donations are increasingly made online. How has this evolution changed how we give, why we give, and what we give to?

How our appetite for gut health changed lifestyle choices & behaviors

Increased public awareness is impacting what we choose to put into our bodies

FOMO: it’s officially back

More reopenings mean more things to miss out on

How Gut Health & the Microbiome Went Mainstream

How (and why) audiences are becoming more aware, and interested in gut health

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