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Vegan Leather Alternatives are in: but do consumers see them as sustainable?

From Mushroom to PVC to Apple

Pumpkin Spice stages mini-revival – but more ‘Basic’ than ever

What can audience data tell us about fall's favorite drink?

How Haircare came to resemble Skincare: Audience Behavior in the Self-Care Space

Routines built around regular self-care are the order of the day

How Skindie Brands came to define 2021’s brow makeup trends

Self-expression and distinctive styles the key priorities for consumers

What’s happened to #hotgirlsummer?

How the meme means different things on different social platforms

Apple vs Facebook: Brand Personalities in 2021

Using Pulsar's Social Brand Personality Index, we map the evolving perceptions of the Big Tech giants

Giving Tuesday: How a charity hashtag turned into a global movement

An evolution in both audience composition and network effects

The Giving Revolution: How behavior around generosity was rewired

Appeals and donations are increasingly made online. How has this evolution changed how we give, why we give, and what we give to?

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