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The audiences bringing NFTs into the Mainstream

NFTs are now a bigger topic than 'crypto': but who's talking about them?

Which audiences are talking about the new IPCC climate report?

The communities reacting to the UN's climate change report

Booktok: how TikTok and Gen Z re-invented the book club

A new type of community born from the intersection of society's oldest and newest media types

The audiences behind Seaspiracy

Different communities talk about the Netflix Documentary differently

How local concerns are evolving during the pandemic

We tracked 2.5 million posts to understand the shifting perspectives around the 'local'

TikTok & education: what users want to learn about

A bottoms-up curriculum including science, recipes & plastic surgery

We teamed up with Twitter to build the future of audience intelligence for advertisers

A new way to understand how Twitter ads affect brand conversations

The ‘Future of Work’ is changing. So is the focus for consulting firms

Flexible working takes the spotlight, but diversity & inclusion remain hot topics

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