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Politics are in fashion: how lifestyle brands navigate the risky mix of advertising and politics  


When Pepsi’s ad featuring Kendall Jenner was unleashed on the world last week, the Internet collectively cringed… then roared, causing the ad to be pulled within 24 hours. So many things were so wrong with this ad: the glaring disconnect between Pepsi and politics, exploiting the Black Lives Matter movement to peddle soda, using a Patron Saint of shallowness to promote ‘wokeness’…  We were only left with one question: who the hell signed this off?!   Politics are the growing trend in advertising Although the Pepsi-Jenner debacle once again reignited the conversation around advertising and where the line of good taste lies, brands using politics for their own capital gain has been a growing trend. One of the industries that...

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Pulsar & FACE merge for global expansion

It’s happened. After years of cohabiting, we’re excited to announce research agency FACE has joined forces with Pulsar, moving towards a bigger, brighter future together. Read our full press release below: Audience intelligence platform Pulsar has secured significant investment from its parent company Cello PLC, as part of its global growth strategy. Launched in 2013, Pulsar currently has over 2000 users worldwide and is still one of few SaaS solutions on the market that successfully fills the gap between social listening and in-depth qualitative market research. Job Muscroft, CEO of Pulsar, comments on the funding: “This injection is going to help us create foundations for global expansion over the next 3 years. It will allow us to invest in extended product, research,...

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Don’t miss Pulsar’s workshop at ESOMAR’s Seattle Bootcamp


With extensive experience in social data and market research, Pulsar team members Jess Owens and Rob Parkin are bringing their expertise to a practical workshop as part of ESOMAR’s new market research training event in Seattle in January 2017. Social Media Data for Insights will introduce attendees to methodological frameworks for Big Data and Social Media Research as well as providing an overview of key tools, the data that can be accessed and the nuances of Pulsar’s methods. The workshop will explore four research approaches to social data, explaining each technique with specific case studies and, in three instances, exercises to put those techniques into practice. The specific categories include topic tracking, audience mapping and segmentation, content diffusion and integrated tracking. ESOMAR’s...

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Where are the women? Pulsar & HERE tackle gender differences through research


In the world of navigational apps, there is a lot to choose from. Location services company HERE noticed that a lot more men than women were using their navigational app HERE WeGo. This was interesting: HERE wasn’t targeting men more than women, and surely women use navigational apps all the time. So what was going on – and what could they start doing about it?     HERE came to Pulsar and its research arm FACE to dig into the problem. Anja Niehof, Head of Consumer & Customer Insights and Marketing Intelligence at HERE, mentions: “Initially we looked at internal research that we already had done, but the research wasn’t in-depth enough and didn’t give us the answers we were...

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New on Pulsar: Measure Content Performance & YouTube views with CORE

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 18.52.47

CORE is Pulsar’s owned channel analytics tool, which helps you understand how your brand is doing on social. CORE allows you to monitor your own social channel performance and content, providing you with the context and ability to benchmark your performance against your competitors and the wider industry. Over the last few weeks we’ve been adding more metrics and tools to help you understanding how your audience is growing and how your content is performing. Here’s what’s new:   Performance metrics for Content Media Type, Keywords and Tags The ability to measure the performance of media type used, keywords and tags has been a recurring request from our users. Whilst currently you can see the number of posts that contain a certain type of media, or specific keywords, there has been no easy...

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Event: Creative conversations on attending to social media

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 11.14.36

Oscar Wilde famously said: “The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.” Although there was obviously no such thing as social media when Wilde was around (let’s be honest though, his Twitter would’ve been pretty amazing), his quote on the value of attention seems more relevant than ever nike air max 90 cheapest price. How do you get attention when so many others are all adding to the noise? Is all attention good? How do you measure it, and more importantly, do you need to convert it? What can you actually use it for? How does this play out on social media – for brands or individuals? These are questions anyone dealing with an audience faces daily.    ...

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Pulsar joins IBM Watson #DevCon in San Francisco


Pulsar’s Co-founder, Francesco D’Orazio (@abc3d), will be part of the upcoming IBM-Watson Developers Conference (DevCon) in San Francisco, held 9-10 November 2016. The first of a yearly series, IBM-Watson’s DevCon has a strong focus on artificial intelligence, combining a speaker programme and a workshop schedule for coders, builders, hackers and others working with AI. Attendees will get the opportunity to debate where the industry is going, as well as test out new technologies through coding challenges and AI labs. Well-known brands including Uber, Slack, Twilio and OmniEarth will present ways they are working with AI – and where they see it going. Francesco will be presenting on behalf of Pulsar, with a talk on why audience intelligence requires a modular AI approach, a solution Pulsar...

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Webinar: how are the top 20 pharma companies using social media?

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 11.29.33

Over the past decade, the rise of social media has caused a huge shift in the way businesses interact with customers. Pharma, often thought of as a guarded industry when it comes to social, is upping its game and using social to reach a wide audience including patients and healthcare professionals. Pulsar and Ogilvy Healthworld have recently released The Social Check-Up, a report looking at how pharma are using social media and how the top 20 companies rank in their use of social media. This Thursday 3 November,  you can join us for a webinar: Join the webinarSign up here for APAC, November 3rd 3PM HKTSign up here for EMEA & Americas, November 3rd 4PM GMT     The webinar will cover key highlights from The Social...

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Video: Pulsar move to Shoreditch!

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 16.21.59

After calling London’s Fitzrovia neighbourhood home for the past 8 years, Pulsar has now moved to a bigger, better office space in the heart of Shoreditch. Key reason for the move was the continuous expansion Pulsar has been going through ever since its very first beginnings in 2008. Our full address is now: Pulsar 31 Old Nichol Street London E2 7HR United Kingdom A map of our exact location can also be found on our contact page. CEO Job Muscroft explains why Shoreditch is the right choice for a growing company like Pulsar: “Shoreditch has over the past decade evolved into a flourishing hub for the tech community, and we fit right into that picture with our product & service offering. Next to...

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Pulsar to attend TMRE conference in Boca Raton, 17-20 October


Pulsar’s Global Commercial Director James Cuthbertson and Category Sales Manager Research & Consulting Sam Deacon will be attending the annual TMRE conference, held 17-20 October in Boca Raton, Florida. TMRE focus TMRE is a leading market research event which brings together an international community of researchers, strategists, brands and agencies from a mix of industries including Pharma & Healthcare, Consumer goods, Financial services and Entertainment & Media. Next to an industry specific day in the above categories, the conference will have a set of tracks consisting of talks, presentations and panels around themes, for example around the macro trend ‘data science’. Pharma trends Both James and Sam will attend all four days of the TMRE conference (as well as some scheduled beach yoga...

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