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#classy: taste, status and performative hashtags on Instagram

amalia ulman

Hashtags are getting a bit much these days. [Source: @TopDeckTravel] People are appending anything up to 50 hashtags to their Instagram posts, carefully researching the most popular hashtags, or formulating individual strategies (here’s a travel blogger explaining hers). Hashtags are a search tool, providing a way to make your content discoverable by people who don’t already know or follow you. In this way, they’re a means of getting attention – and therefore status – in the endless popularity contest that’s metric-driven social media. Excessive hashtag use may be a bid for Instacelebrity, and the ensuing Instacash – with reports of top style bloggers earning $1m per year, and an estimated $1 billion sponsored Instagram post economy – or a sheer addiction...

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Webinar: Using Facebook’s New Topic Data for Marketing Insight

pylon-diagram data sift facebook topic data

With 1.44 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the world’s largest digital platform – and it’s where many brands make their biggest digital marketing investment. Now for the first time, the big picture of consumer activity across Facebook is available for marketing insight through new anonymised and aggregated Facebook topic data.    This fixes what had been a huge blindspot in marketing analytics, offering brand and campaign planners an ability to gain powerful insight and creative inspiration from the things people share on Facebook when it come to  brands, events and categories. Join us for a Q&A with Datasift’s Tim Barker and Pulsar’s Francesco D’Orazio to get insights into: How to use this data to inspire campaigns and content Measuring consumers’ interests and needs Understanding different...

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Forrester’s Predictive Social Analytics report features Pulsar’s “Social To Sales” research

social media drives concert ticket sales

We’re glad to say that Pulsar research is quoted in the latest Forrester social listening report  ‘Predictive Social Analytics Is On The Horizon‘ (21 May 2015). In the report, analyst Allison Smith argues that the backward-looking slant of most social media stats – e.g. the volume of buzz about your previous campaign – isn’t enough. Money is not made in the reactive, the retrospective, or the explanatory”, she writes, “It’s made in the predictive — in your company’s ability to know what consumers will be talking about, caring about, and buying next. Social media analytics need to build its ability to predict business outcomes if it’s going to justify its ROI. And here at Pulsar, we can do exactly that. Last...

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What’s new with social media data? New technologies, new product releases, clever new implementations… It’s both completely fascinating and tricky to keep up, so that’s why we’re starting a new social data focussed newsletter. All the good stuff, all together, direct to your inbox, once a fortnight. It’s a simple email – story headline, a link, and a couple of sentences about what’s interesting and why it’s worth your time. Curated by Francesco D’Orazio, Pulsar’s VP of Product, and social media researcher Jess Owens. Sign up here: Get the Social Data Signals newsletter * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Each week we’ll report on new articles, research and services for: Understanding audiences Social media users’ interests,...

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New Pulsar feature: Media Queries for more focused data


We know Pulsar customers want to bring back all the data that’s relevant to their needs – and not a tweet more. That’s why we’ve just released two new options for more focused social data: image-only searches hyperlink-only searches We call these “media specific queries”. They enable you to build smaller, more precise searches that contain only the media types you need, enabling you to get more from your monthly data allowance. Who are media-specific queries for? These search options are a great choice for planners, social media managers and content marketers seeking inspiration and audience understanding from social data. Image searches Understand the visual language of your consumer to find out how to create content that really resonates with...

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23 Things You Never Knew You Could Market With #Llamas

llama blog - hotdogs on a stick

Last night we saw #llamas trending on Twitter. Two of them had escaped on a motorway in Arizona, and the live TV footage of their exploits while evading capture became, of course, a bit of a Twitter viral sensation. What also happens when there’s a viral hashtag is that – you guessed it – brands and companies start jumping on that meme. And the public play around with it. And before long we’re talking about 23 other things than, actually, llamas. Here they are: the 23 Things You Never Knew You Could Market With Llamas 1. Your website Obviously. All the usual suspects for hyper-clickable, fun, distracting content leapt on this story like a pack of ravening vultures…   And by...

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#Brits2015: How to track a global music event in real time and what you do with the insight

Brits2015 content by likes

Last night was the BRIT Awards, the British version of the Grammys and UK pop’s top get-together.  Here’s how it played out on social. We tracked the #Brits2015 hashtag for a client of ours in the music industry. Why’d they want to track an awards show? It’s all about producing better content on their owned social channels: Ensure that they are posting about the top trends on the night  Gain inspiration from the posts, pictures & videos that were gaining popular interest Identify influencers discussing the Brits, in order to engage with them from their owned channels Here’s a snapshot of how that looked on Pulsar: 1. #Brits2015 Trends One woman accidentally stole the show at the Brits this year: Madonna,...

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#WhatIsLovein4Words? We investigate how a trending Twitter hashtag spreads

What is love in 4 words? Good question! We saw this hashtag trending in the UK on Friday morning and thought we’d track it with Pulsar to find out. Now that Valentine’s is over for another year, let’s do the analysis and find out. Read on to find out everything you ever wanted to know about love (or a hashtag about it), including where love comes from, how long love lasts, what time is love, and if you can make it happen by sheer willpower alone… 1. The basics What is #WhatIsLoveIn4Words? It’s a hashtag on Twitter where people shared what they thought love meant. (The answer often included One Direction.) Why study it? We saw it trending on Twitter in the...

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New Pulsar feature: Reach, for audience measurement

Pulsar Reach visualisation

How many people did that message reach? It’s the big question when you’re running a marketing campaign. You want to know how many people have been exposed to your message to understand how effective your campaign has been in generating awareness. Reach has long been the key metric in TV and radio audience measurement, and services such as Alexa and Quantcast provide reach figures for websites – the number of visitors they get a day. But reach has been incomplete in social media measurement. Facebook Insights provides both Reach and Impressions metrics – Impressions being the number of times a Facebook page is displayed, and Reach the number of unique individuals who see it. And in August 2014, Twitter opened its...

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