New on Pulsar: introducing search cloning on Pulsar TRAC

Search cloning on Pulsar Trac


As a Pulsar TRAC user, sometimes you will find yourself having to repeat the same search strategy across different brands and categories. This can be frustrating, especially when you just don’t have the time and all you want to do is to quickly arrive to an insight.

So, following feedback from clients, Pulsar has now introduced the ability to clone TRAC searches (above). Pulsar believes it’s key to provide the right tools that help simplify the analysis process and make it easier and quicker for clients to conduct their research. Search cloning is a simple yet powerful functionality, which reduces the time needed to set up a search on TRAC.

You can use cloning as a foundation or a starting point for building and refining an existing search strategy. So all you’d need to do is select the “clone” button from the searches dropdown, let Pulsar do all the work in the background, and when your search has been successfully copied, edit the parts you want to customize, then hit start.

Or you might be running a study in different markets and you want to keep the data separate for easier analysis. So instead of having to repeat the same search set up many times, with cloning, now all you need to do is choose clone, edit the location target, and then you’re all set.

Having the ability to simply duplicate a given study reduces the time needed to launch your trackers on TRAC, leaving you with more time to do the fun stuff.

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