Monitor the performance of you Instagram stories with CORE analytics

We have now added Instagram Stories into the owned-channel monitoring we offer on our brand monitoring tool Pulsar CORE: for the Instagram accounts you want to track, you will be able to get metrics and analytics on how your audience is interacting with your Instagram Stories.


instagram stories analytics tool

Why do you need Instagram Story analytics?

Stories now play an integral role in the Instagram user experience. In fact, they are taking over many other social networks, and they have become an integral part of social media marketing, especially as influencers around the world and industries have overwhelmingly embraced Instagram stories  

With this feature, CORE enables to track and measure the performance of these stories. When you create an Instagram Story, people will only see this for 24 hours before it disappears, but  CORE allows you to save this data and measure it against a catalogue of Instagram Stories and compare their performance – something you are not able to do on Instagram itself. This analytics tool becomes especially helpful when tracking ads or sponsored content created on Instagram Stories.


Instagram Stories analytics: what is it for?

You may be interested in trying out new content ideas on Instagram Stories and varying the content from what you post to your Instagram page. By tracking and monitoring the campaigns’ performance, you can figure out which content works best for posts and which works best for stories.

For instance, a restaurant brand keen to show the atmosphere inside their venue might want to reserve its main feed for food pictures rather than interiors, but might also want to give a feel for the restaurant’s ambiance in its livelier Stories section. By monitoring whether this Stories strategy performs better than other more food-related content, the restaurant might even save a few of those as featured stories available for newcomers to the restaurant.  

CORE allows this particular brand to monitor the success rate of their new Stories campaign in comparison to posts on their Instagram page – and in future, pit different Instagram Story campaigns against each other using historical data to see what is working best.

Where can I find the update?

Instagram Stories data will contribute to your overall Impressions, Engagements, Visibility, Engagement Rate and Reach metrics for any Instagram account you have connected on Pulsar CORE.

We classify an Instagram Stories Engagement as a ‘tap back’, where a user has tapped the back button to watch the story again – this is classified as Engagement for that story because it shows they are so engaged that they want to see that piece content again.

Our Instagram stories analytics tool allows you to see exactly how many ‘tap back’ engagements you’ve generated in the stats engagements graph in the content tab on Pulsar CORE. Here, for instance, we plot your ‘tap backs’ performance and the number of times your story has been viewed over time.


We’ve added a new icon to differentiate whether the post is an Instagram Story or regular post, so just look out for that when analyzing your content performance.

Brand and brand-set exports will give you a full breakdown of your Instagram Stories metrics and performance for that profile.



If you’re already a Pulsar client, you can find out more about our Instagram Stories update in our product update.

If you haven’t tried out Pulsar yet then you can read up on Pulsar CORE, and get in touch with our team by requesting a demo to find out more about how this Instagram Stories analytics tool can benefit you. 

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