Twitter Passion Report: How Brands Could Engage TV & Film Buffs

Last month we introduced our work with Twitter, uncovering a series of passion communities on the platform by analysing 800,000 randomly selected users. This month we’ll take a closer look at the community whose main passion is identified as TV & Film.

The TV & Film passion community is rather a diverse audience, characterised by a relatively small amount of interconnectedness with medium fragmentation. Communities tend to cluster around interests and genres and less around geography, indicating a progressive Twitter audience which resonates with media in a global fashion.

From Star Wars to Chipotle, the affinities and interests between the subgroups in this community are rather broad. Within the report, we found 4 major subgroups which make up around 30% of the total users we sampled: Film Buffs, TV Fanatics, Supernaturals and Sports Nuts. On average about 60% of this passion community who are vocal on Twitter are men aged 22 to 32 who tend to live in English speaking urban cities such as New York, London and LA. So far, no real surprise.

TV copy2

An overlay graph of the sub-groups within this Twitter community


That being said, apart from the attributes mentioned above, each sub-community is rather unique and brands would be wise to address them individually.

For instance, Film Buffs, who make up the largest sub-community are identifying as mainly men, aged 32 and living in US (NY and LA, more specifically). They tend mainly talk about large movie franchises such as Star Wars and consider iconic actors such as Tom Hanks as an influencer. Finally, they tend to enjoy comedy and big-budget TV shows such as Game of Thrones.

Since the start of TV advertising, we’re used to seeing celebrities taking part in commercials.  However, larger consumer brands seem to be utilising the rise in big budget TV shows and more niche actors who are part of these shows more and more in their campaigns. And what show is bigger than Game of Thrones at the moment?



KFC hiring actor Kristian Nairn who played Hodor for a GoT themed ad


Let’s move on to another sub-group: Sports Nuts. Naturally, as we’re looking at TV & Films passion networks, this sub-group is mainly interested in watching sports, rather than taking part. The main sports which they enjoy watching, we found, are Football (the American kind) and Basketball. In the same breathe they actually talk about their eating likes and dislikes and quite fitting is the fact they love Chipotle, the major Mexican grill chain.

To see if Chipotle has picked up on this, we looked at some of Chipotle’s latest creatives and marketing activity. In recent years they’ve actually started to engage the Sports communities through the backing of Soccer teams as well as the eSports (video game as a sport) world by becoming the official sponsor of Optic Gaming. However away from this activity, we’ve failed to spot any examples of creatives being generated to target this demographic. This is where brands and agencies need to utilise Audience Intelligence to uncover new target markets.


The Takeaway

By cross-referencing affinities, interests in types of TV Shows and movies, the sub-groups within this passion network have at least one element in common. Even so, their demographics are rather broad. For example, the age gap between opposite ends of the scale is 10 years. And a difference in average income is $30,000! However, their interests apart from their primary type of TV Shows or Movies is other shows, books and arts rather than specific brands (where Chipotle and Sports Nutz was an exception) or activities.

An assumption we can make from this is that this passion group is so ingrained with paid online streaming services or cable TV and satellite channels as well as cinema that they’re not as engaged with commercials. As we know it’s very rare to get a commercial in the middle of a premium channel TV show or to get any on paid online streaming services.

Brands will need to get creative in regards to what channels they try and target in this Twitter passion network.