Pulsar New Starter: Alex Messant

Meet Alex Messant, the newest member of the Pulsar family and part of our Inside Sales team.

This avid traveler and what some people say, Shia Laboeuf look-a-like (I can personally see it but we’ll only really know if he starts becoming incoherently angry), joins us fresh off the plane after adventuring for 2 months. Before joining Pulsar, Alex went travelling around Central America, visiting the mystical and mysterious countries of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Nicaragua. While there, Alex enjoyed some casual holiday activities such as soaking up the sun – while climbing an erupting volcano and sledding down the same volcano like a kid at Christmas. He also found some time to relax in the ocean… in a cage… surrounded by sharks and then decided it wasn’t relaxing enough so he went spear fishing instead. Besides confusing fun for life threatening situations, Alex is also a keen sportsman enjoying his fair share of watching and playing football as well as running in the Tough Mudder competitions.



Alex Man



Tell us what brought you to Pulsar?

Having spent the last 2 and a half years in sales for BMW in Bath, I felt it was time to move forward with my career and my location. My goal was to locate to an exciting, innovative and growing company that offered a worthwhile product to its consumers. A product that you’re proud to sell certainly increases your hunger to succeed! On top of the above parameters I wanted to discover a company that valued its employees and genuinely wants you to succeed on a personal level. Once I found Pulsar, I knew it ticked all the boxes, so now I look forward to helping the business flourish with my own personal touch.


What draws you to market research/social media listening?

Social media itself is particularly motivating as I’m part of the generation that sprung it to life. As a result I have observed it grow through the ages, to the beast it currently is. Having realised how essential social listening is from a business perspective, I thought why not combine this thrilling sector with my previous sales experience and enter a new position that I can really sink my teeth into.


What are you most looking forward to learning and achieving in your new role?

I am eager to delve into the tech and social listening sector; it’s a brand new avenue for myself but I am tremendously motivated as to learning all there is to know so it can enable me to advance within the industry. A key objective of mine is to master Pulsar’s two platforms, namely Trac and Core. I am looking forward to the day that I can deem myself an expert with the platforms, and learn how our clients discover their audience’s insights! My main goals are to achieve success on both a personal level as well as assisting Pulsar to reach its own objectives. Hopefully I can be a massive benefit and give a new perspective to the sales team so we can all grow from there.


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