Pulsar & FACE merge for global expansion

It’s happened. After years of cohabiting, we’re excited to announce research agency FACE has joined forces with Pulsar, moving towards a bigger, brighter future together. Read our full press release below:

Audience intelligence platform Pulsar has secured significant investment from its parent company Cello PLC, as part of its global growth strategy. Launched in 2013, Pulsar currently has over 2000 users worldwide and is still one of few SaaS solutions on the market that successfully fills the gap between social listening and in-depth qualitative market research.

Job Muscroft, CEO of Pulsar, comments on the funding: “This injection is going to help us create foundations for global expansion over the next 3 years. It will allow us to invest in extended product, research, marketing and sales teams, so we’ll be better able to serve both existing and new customers on the ground. This is an exciting – and natural – next step to take for us, now that we’re rapidly outgrowing the start-up nest.”

As part of the growth strategy, Pulsar will move forward together with its sister company FACE under one brand. Operating in the US and in Europe, FACE is a qualitative market research agency known for their innovative work with Unilever, Coca Cola, Microsoft and HERE. With both software products and research services folded into the Pulsar brand, Pulsar has set itself the goal of becoming a global leader in the audience intelligence business.

Muscroft adds: “By offering a full solution of software products and research services, Pulsar will be even better able to help a wide range of businesses understand their target audiences. That’s what it’s all about – who are the people you want to reach, and how can you reach them? It’s what you could traditionally only know using qualitative research, but with the technology we’ve developed, we can now do this on a quant scale. And because it’s a faster way of working, we can help companies respond quicker to marketing opportunities.”

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