A big welcome to Lucy Illidge, our new Enterprise Business Development Executive

Yep, another new starter. Ain’t no stopping Pulsar’s growth.

And now, we welcome Lucy Illidge, Pulsar’s newest Enterprise Business Development Executive. She’s going to predominantly be working within the Middle Eastern markets and becoming an unabashed brand advocate.

Lucy Full
So Lucy, over to you…
Tell us, where have you been up until now?

I graduated from the University of Manchester back in July and made the most of my last ever 4 month summer with a lot of holidays! I brunched a lot in Bahrain, explored Greek islands with my boyfriend then did a USA road trip around Texas with my fam. It was fabulous.

So, I’ve had a short history before Pulsar. And then, I filled the past 8 months with IT sales. Working strategically with IT departments in a range of different business and industries transforming their working environments and the services they provided. I met a lot of great people. I wanted to have more of a focus, responsibility and start working in a dynamic, fast paced industry – so I made the move to Pulsar which I think will provide just that!

What’s been your most interesting job before you found a career at Pulsar?

Drinking fake wine on the set of Coronation Street. I was an extra during uni – I literally sat there all day juggling uni work with fake alcohol in the Rovers and Nick’s Bistro, buying tins of soup at Dev’s, eating bacon butties in Roy’s Rolls and having a blow dry from Audrey. My fellow northerners should get my jist with this one!

Finally, when you take over the world with Pulsar, what will be the first decision you make?

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.


And now, The Quick Fire Round


1. Which cartoon character would you fight?

Mojo Jojo



I dreamed of being a PowerPuff girl when I was little. Bubbles was my fave although she’s not as bossy as me and a lot cuter! I channel Blossom more now. (Editor – actually, Buttercup was the best and I will hear no other opinion)


2. Favourite all-girl band?

Wilson Phillips



Hold On is one of my all time fave songs. When it’s on repeat and full blast
there is nothing I can’t handle.


3. What movie title best describes your life?

The Pursuit of Happyness



It’s all about a guy who doesn’t let anyone tell him he can’t do something. Because of this determination and belief in himself, he becomes unbelievably successful and gains a lot of respect. I’ve always been taught, if you want something – go get it! I think this is what the film is all about and represents my outlook on life.


4. Which two animals would you combine to make one super-animal and what would you name it?

Orangutan & Great white shark



They are both my favourite animals, although I literally freak out in the sea! Great whites are top of the food chain and powerful and Orangutans are so intelligent and super cute. I think that would make a strange looking but unstoppable super-animal. (…and an amazing film titled, Jaws of the Jungle)


5. Most impressive thing you’ve ever done?

I’ve flown a plane and we did some aerobatics.



I flew the plane before I drove a car…I was only 14!

Thanks Lucy. Bonus points for the Mean Girls reference. You go Glen Coco.


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