Webinar: how are the top 20 pharma companies using social media?

Over the past decade, the rise of social media has caused a huge shift in the way businesses interact with customers. Pharma, often thought of as a guarded industry when it comes to social, is upping its game and using social to reach a wide audience including patients and healthcare professionals.

Pulsar and Ogilvy Healthworld have recently released The Social Check-Up, a report looking at how pharma are using social media and how the top 20 companies rank in their use of social media. This Thursday 3 November,  you can join us for a webinar:

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The webinar will cover key highlights from The Social Check-up:

• How are the top 20 pharma companies using social media?
• How does pharma address the balance between created and curated content?
• What forms of content are proving most popular with pharma audiences?
• How engaging is the content published by pharma companies?
• What does the future hold for pharma and social media?

Who is it for? 
People working in or with clients in the pharma and healthcare sector, or who have a general interest in social media and pharma and healthcare.

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