Social Media Insights: Pulsar present at ESOMAR Summer Academy

7th June 2016

ESOMAR are hosting their Summer Academy this week (5 - 9 June), which will include a mixture of seminars and workshops exploring all areas of market research. In a fast changing industry, where social media data and big data is becoming the go-to source for insight, we were invited to share our expertise on how researchers can make the most out of this data. The workshop 'Social Media Data For Insights' will be hosted by Associate Director, Jess Owens & Research Manager, Rob Parkin on Wednesday 8th June.

ESOMAR Summer Academy

Social Media Data For Insights

In this workshop, Jess and Rob will present four practical approaches to extracting valuable data and turning it into actionable insight. They will introduce a mix of methodologies that are specifically used for social media research, and will explain the type of data we can access and the main tools we can use to gain access to this data.

Workshop participants will learn about the following:

  • Topic Tracking: using keyword tracking to map how a topic, a campaign, a brand or an entire industry are discussed online
  • Audience Mapping & Segmentation: how to create a snapshot of an online audience to measure not what they are saying about a specific subject but who they are, what they are about and how do they behave online.
  • Content Diffusion: how to map the diffusion of specific pieces of content (such as campaign videos, articles, press releases) in social media, through which audiences, using which channels and to what levels of reach and engagement.
  • Integrated Tracking: how to use social media data in conjunction with other data sources to leverage the real-time, attitudinal and behavioural value of social data within an existing cross-methodology framework.

If you want to see the week's full programme it can be viewed here. If you'd like to find out  more information on using social media data for research, send an email to: [email protected].