Showing your teeth on Facebook: the facts around oral healthcare

With 1.59 billion users (and counting), Facebook is the largest source of public opinion worldwide. Pulsar is one of the few platforms with access to Facebook’s aggregated and anonymised Topic Data, which gives immediate insight into how audiences engage with trends and topics.

We used Facebook Topic Data to paint a picture of what people find important when it comes to oral health care – we then turned this into an infographic:


Looking at the audience, it’s apparent that more females touch on the subject of oral health – and it’s a far more popular topic in the US than it is in the UK. Furthermore, the data shows that big, one-off dentistry events (root canal, anyone?) are driving interactions more than daily teeth-brushing routines. But who knows, with the rise of user generated content like paid selfies, focusing on day-to-day routines, this might change in the future.

This information can be used by marketers working in dental health: not only to better understand their audience and target them with the right content, but to help find new opportunities and tell stories that are the most relevant. Toothpaste manufacturers who sell whitening products take note: you’ve got a great oppportunity to shine on Facebook right now.

To find out how your brand or organisation can use Facebook Topic Data, please contact us today: [email protected].

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