Pulsar joins IBM Watson #DevCon in San Francisco

Pulsar’s Co-founder, Francesco D’Orazio (@abc3d), will be part of the upcoming IBM-Watson Developers Conference (DevCon) in San Francisco, held 9-10 November 2016. The first of a yearly series, IBM-Watson’s DevCon has a strong focus on artificial intelligence, combining a speaker programme and a workshop schedule for coders, builders, hackers and others working with AI. Attendees will get the opportunity to debate where the industry is going, as well as test out new technologies through coding challenges and AI labs.


Well-known brands including Uber, Slack, Twilio and OmniEarth will present ways they are working with AI – and where they see it going. Francesco will be presenting on behalf of Pulsar, with a talk on why audience intelligence requires a modular AI approach, a solution Pulsar has implemented past summer using Watson’s technology. Here’s Francesco, explaining what he means by that:

“Not all data is created equal. Different datasets, industries, audiences, and use cases require different techniques to make sense of the data and help craft insights beyond simple analytics. At Pulsar, we deal with complex and varied social and behavioral datasets that require a very diverse range of data mining techniques — and you can’t be the best at everything cheap air jordan xxx . That’s why we built a modular system for on demand AI and integrating Watson has been essential in helping to support a wide range of research use cases – from image analysis to topic extraction and emotion analysis.”

To find out more about the IBM Watson Developers Conference in San Francisco’s Innovation Hangar on 9-10 November visit their page, to book tickets go right here.

For more information on Pulsar, and how you can become more relevant to your target audience by using our intuitive platform, please drop us a line: [email protected]. Or book a demo on our homepage to get a closer look at Pulsar, tailored to your needs.


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