New on Pulsar: Real-time volume and results preview

9th May 2016

Not knowing the volume of data your search is going to generate can be very frustrating and challenging, and so is having a lack of insight into the type of content which is out there.

That's why we're giving you full control over your data by launching real-time volume and results preview.

See this feature in action below - it will go live on Wednesday:

Real-time volume preview

Real-time volumes preview is crucial for any one setting up a new tracker to refine your search setup and stay within your data plan.

The results preview gives you an instant view of a random sample of the content your search will bring back so you can test and iterate your search strategy on the fly.

We are looking forward to see what you will do with this new feature! If you’re already using Pulsar and want to learn more about how you can use content tracking, please contact your account manager or email: [email protected].

Alternatively, if you’re yet to experience the power of Pulsar and you’d like to set up a demo, email [email protected] or call us on 020 7874 6577.