Event: Creative conversations on attending to social media

Oscar Wilde famously said: “The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.”

Although there was obviously no such thing as social media when Wilde was around (let’s be honest though, his Twitter would’ve been pretty amazing), his quote on the value of attention seems more relevant than ever nike air max 90 cheapest price. How do you get attention when so many others are all adding to the noise? Is all attention good? How do you measure it, and more importantly, do you need to convert it? What can you actually use it for? How does this play out on social media – for brands or individuals? These are questions anyone dealing with an audience faces daily.


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On Wednesday 30 November, a specialist panel will look to tackle these questions in ‘Creative Conversations: Attending to social media‘, a talk hosted by University of Greenwich’s Department of Creative Professions & Digital Arts (CPDA). Pulsar’s VP Product and Research Francesco D’Orazio (@abc3d) will be part of the panel, together with Dan Calladine (Head of Media Futures, Carat); Joanna Walsh (author, editor at 3am magazine); Steve Cross (comedian, consultant, trainer) and Colette Henry (Communications Planning Director at Futerra). Chairing the panel will be Gauti Sigthorsson, Programme Leader BA Media & Communications, CPDA, University of Greenwich.

Running from 18:00 – 20:30, the panel discussion will take place in the Stockwell Building in Greenwich. It’s fully free to attend, but tickets are limited so you’ll need to register in advance to secure your place. Can’t make it? Follow @Pulsar_social on Twitter to get live updates during the event.


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