Meet us at… Supa Academy’s Supa Market, Friday 24 July

In May we announced our partnership with Supa Academy, a social enterprise on a mission to develop skills in young adults taking their first steps in business. Since then we have been working together to track the social momentum behind Supa Academy – the brand and event – through identifying influencers and social reach. This is a great opportunity for us to understand conversations around entrepreneurship and help educate young people on how social data can drive business.

This weekend, Supa Academy will host its first event. Retail Hack will see 500 young entrepreneurs set up a pop-up supermarket and an e-commerce platform in The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in East London.

Supa Academy Supa Market

On Friday we will be in the Brain Room from 10am-2pm to consult, advise, inform and speak to the Supa Partners – we will also demo Pulsar to show the platform’s capabilities. This is an opportunity for participants to gain insight into how Pulsar works and discuss how social data can be used to educate.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in you can still register for Saturday & Sunday. If you can’t make it, Supa Acadmey will be live streaming the event here and we’ll be live tweeting throughout Friday on @Pulsar_Social.

Why are we doing this? As a digital start-up ourselves, we like to step outside of the commercial realm occasionally to recognise and support other challenger brands. When Supa Academy organisers Liam and Bejay told us they want to change the way people think and work with young people, we sat up and listened.  We want to be involved in any enterprise that is looking to change the landscape for young people and provide a service, which not only develops business skills and entrepreneurial drive, but also understands exactly who their target audience is. Bejay and Liam are their own target audience – the difference is they’ve already done it, and are now sharing their knowledge with likeminded others. Find out more about Supa Academy here.

#EarnAsYouLearn #BackTheHack

If you want to learn more about how we’re going to #BackTheHack or you would like a demo, send an email to:

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