Meet us at… The Digital Economy’s Web Science and Big Data Analytics, 13 July

Web Science Centre for Doctoral Training

Our VP of Product, Francesco D’Orazio (@abc3d) will share his social data knowledge with postgraduate students at The Digital Economy’s Web Science and Big Data Analytics event at the University of Southampton on Monday 13 July.

Fran will present ‘Social Data Stories: 6 research approaches to make the most of social data‘, followed by a Q&A session and a discussion around starting a business using social media.

The programme is a 3-day event, hosted by Web Science Centre for Doctoral Training,  and will welcome speakers from industry and academia. Throughout the event experts will share insights and inspirational pieces of work, with a focus on future trends in web science.

They say, “The Web increasingly provides a vehicle for diverse elements of modern society ranging from gaming to business, government to education and from crime to policing. This is an unprecedented opportunity to gain insight into the ways in which technologies like the Web helps citizens and developers to create new lifestyles and to observe new behaviours.”


Interested in learning more about in social data research approaches? Or just want Fran to talk at your conference? Get in touch at [email protected]

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