The World's Largest Focus Group

Access to audience data doesn’t mean access to audience insights.


Your audience is online, in the billions: but how do you separate the signal from the noise? 

Spot patterns and opportunities in behavioral and conversation data with industry-specific vertical AI on our audience insights platform. Then use those insights to create campaigns that resonate and drive your marketing and product strategy forward. 

All your audience signals in one tool: from Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to search, first party data, and sources like Amazon, TikTok and Sermo.


Industry and use-case specific AI to surface bottom-up audience insights from both text and visual data.


Map the audience behind each conversation using interests, affinities, personality traits, buying habits and demographics.


Drill down into your audiences, and get a granular understanding of your key audience segments and what drives them

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Recreate your audience personas and listen to them on social, in real-time and historically

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Test your audience research hypotheses with powerful filtering tools, leveraging more than 100 variables

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